My cat is could Milo he is very naughty but at the same time he is funny.

Things he likes to do: play with family and footballs, he loves sleeping on the sofa and in the morning and he likes eating my breakfast .

Elderly Cat Discovered Dead (a newspaper report based on Varjak Paw)

It was reported yesterday that an elderly Mesopotamian blue, a very rare breed of cat, was found dead in the back garden of the Contessa’s house at around 9:00 pm. The Elder Paw’s body was badly wounded and it has been suggested that the fatal injuries were the result of a fight – most likely with another cat.

The deceased is part of the Paw family of cats, which has resided at the Contessa’s luxurious house ever since Jalal Paw climbed over the wall many years ago. It is believed that no member of the Paw family has ever attempted to leave the Contessa’s house; the family have enjoyed the luxurious lifestyle of their grand home – safe from any predators or dangers.

However, yesterday afternoon – just hours before the Elder Paw was found dead – there was an argument between the Elder Paw and his nephew. As a result of the dispute, it is understood that the Elder Paw lost his place as the family’s leader. Consequently, the Cat Police have questioned members of the family to determine whether a physical fight may have followed.

Julius Paw, who is the great nephew of the Elder Paw, provided the following statement: “Nah, it wasn’t nothing to do with us. There’s no way he’d have been stupid enough to take me on. He chickened out when my dad squared up to him and look how strong I am. I’ve got muscles on my muscles!” Other members of the Paw family confirmed that they had not witnessed a fight.

However, they did reveal that another member of the family disappeared on the evening of the attack (Varjak, the youngest of the Paws). “He’s gone. My baby’s gone! One minute he was talking nonsense about two black cats being in the house; two hours later the Elder Paw’s dead as a dodo and little Varjak’s nowhere to be seen,” Varjak’s mother told reporters.

Although there is no solid evidence, the Cat Police are believed to be looking into the possibility that two black cats were at the Contessa’s house yesterday evening and had something to do with the Elder Paw’s unfortunate ending. Another possibility is that young Varjak Paw had something to do with his great uncle’s death. Could his disappearance be connected? A sign of his guilt perhaps? While the case is being investigated, all cats are being advised to keep themselves safe. If you see an amber-eyed Mesopotamian blue – or a pair of black cats – contact the Cat Police immediately.

Dragon Defeated (a newspaper report)

Last night, local residents of  Krakov, were amazed to discover that Smok the dragon had been defeated. For many years, Smok had terrified citizens, bankrupted local farmers and devastated families.


More recently, young maidens had become his victims. Concerned for the safety of the Princess, the King had offered a considerable reward (his daughter’s hand in marriage). Many princes had attempted to save the city, but to no avail.


Local cobbler, Krak Schumacov (age 56) of Leather Lane, surprised his neighbours by acting out of character.  Until then, Krak had only been known locally for his outstanding craftsmanship, but not for his monster slaying skills. He told The Daily Knowledge, “I used my brains rather than my strength. I worked out that the dragon was hungry, so I decided to give him a meal he wouldn’t forget”.  He is set to become a local hero!


A local Fisherman, who was on the river bank at the time, told The Daily Knowledge, “I was sitting calmly, by my fishing rods, when there was an almighty bang. It really made me jump! As I looked back there were chunks of dragon everywhere!” The local council are now beginning a massive clean up operation.


While it is true that Krak has always been a popular member of our society, it is now impossible to deny that the change in city name will ensure his heroic actions will be remembered for centuries to come.



Monster lightning was crashing upon the earth. Houses were shreded into bits and pieces. The bright lightning blinded people down below. In seconds houses had vanished. People were darting for their lives. The storm was coming.

Mystree at Knowle Park by Maisie and Rosie

It was only six o,clock in the morning when Mr Dewey got a phone call from the care taker.Mr Dewey’s phone call was about strong wind from all directisions knocked an old crooked tree down into knowle park school ,damaging the fence which stopped the chrildren getting out of school.This caused the Ks1 playground to be damaged and stopped people from using it.

Me and Eliza’s sleep over👌🍕🍟🌽

We had fajitas for tea. We played on the wii and then we watched The BFG and Eliza did some impressions of the characters. My big brother didn’t like it. Then we went to bed but we stayed up very late just chatting and we went bed at 12 ish. Then we had a yoghurt and this is when I came to write this blog. SEE YOU LATER!😀😋

my school day

🙈One day I was in my class thinking about what I should write. Then I came up with an idea, it was about what my day was like. 

I had a great start to the morning I was excited to be in school than stuck at home all day long I had a good day 🐯


An under water village series 1 by Isaac


Many years ago,lived a boy about 9. He had orange hair and lived in a old and battered house. He said” bye mum.I’m going to the lake to catch some fish “. ” ok Chrisben  be careful “. So Chrisben set off to the lake. He grabbed his net and ran to his destination . When he got there he went to his usual spot. He dipped his net in the water and as soon as he saw a fish go in his net he yanked it out!

Suddenly,he saw a shadow reach over him. He looked up! There was a man dressed all in black. The world fell around him. He could only make out blurs. Then he heard splash  and then he was in the water. Whoosh something was there. Could it be a fish? Out of nowhere a bubble came up onto his head! Something inside told him he could breathe. He opened his mouth and sucked in a gulp of air. He could breathe!”WOH!”he shouted. 

He swam down to the bottom of the lake. To his amazement he saw men and ladies swimming in and out the coral. The boy looked left and then right. To his right he saw lots of bubbles that were the size of a house! Then people went in side the bubbles. When he swam down he saw lots of people gathering around. He swam above he saw a people with boxes. The people let go of the boxes and went away crying 

He saw in the distance between the coral a massive shark. Then out of nowhere somwon shouted ” woopa,” then the crowd slammed and bumped into each other. Then these men who had spears and.


  1.  FLASH BOOM the lightning shot across the sky. 

The jagged lightning broke the sky into 1,000,002 pieces. The city people were hiding from the storm. The crackling of the sky shot through my ears. My head almost went BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sound of thunder was deafening👂.


Colourful by Adam

Colourful  sea

waving side to side

that  nobody sees.

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