a great place to visit to try new food I recommend to go to istamble there is a big aquarium and a theme park were to win prizes you can try locum (Turkish delete)
as you can see there are many exciting things and much more but you have to wait for part two

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  1.   leo2017 on September 14th, 2017          Reply

    nice i went to Terky AND I LOVED THE FOOD THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2.   Louise2017 on September 16th, 2017          Reply

    I’ve been to Turkey aswell

  3.   aiden2017 on September 27th, 2017          Reply

    Thank you guys

  4.   aiden2017 on October 18th, 2017          Reply

    This is so good

  5.   aiden2017 on October 18th, 2017          Reply

    Ooo amazing

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