An under water village series 1 by Isaac


Many years ago,lived a boy about 9. He had orange hair and lived in a old and battered house. He said” bye mum.I’m going to the lake to catch some fish “. ” ok Chrisben  be careful “. So Chrisben set off to the lake. He grabbed his net and ran to his destination . When he got there he went to his usual spot. He dipped his net in the water and as soon as he saw a fish go in his net he yanked it out!

Suddenly,he saw a shadow reach over him. He looked up! There was a man dressed all in black. The world fell around him. He could only make out blurs. Then he heard splash  and then he was in the water. Whoosh something was there. Could it be a fish? Out of nowhere a bubble came up onto his head! Something inside told him he could breathe. He opened his mouth and sucked in a gulp of air. He could breathe!”WOH!”he shouted. 

He swam down to the bottom of the lake. To his amazement he saw men and ladies swimming in and out the coral. The boy looked left and then right. To his right he saw lots of bubbles that were the size of a house! Then people went in side the bubbles. When he swam down he saw lots of people gathering around. He swam above he saw a people with boxes. The people let go of the boxes and went away crying 

He saw in the distance between the coral a massive shark. Then out of nowhere somwon shouted ” woopa,” then the crowd slammed and bumped into each other. Then these men who had spears and.

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  1.   connor2017 on October 11th, 2017          Reply

    This is a really good piece of writing Isaac

  2.   adam2017 on October 11th, 2017          Reply

    grat story

  3.   flossie2017 on October 11th, 2017          Reply

    That’s amazing Isaac! We loved it so much! But correct some of the spellings and maybe finish off the story.

  4.   jessica2017 on October 11th, 2017          Reply

    👍🙏Well done

  5.   rory2017 on October 11th, 2017          Reply


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