Dragon Defeated (a newspaper report)

Last night, local residents of  Krakov, were amazed to discover that Smok the dragon had been defeated. For many years, Smok had terrified citizens, bankrupted local farmers and devastated families.


More recently, young maidens had become his victims. Concerned for the safety of the Princess, the King had offered a considerable reward (his daughter’s hand in marriage). Many princes had attempted to save the city, but to no avail.


Local cobbler, Krak Schumacov (age 56) of Leather Lane, surprised his neighbours by acting out of character.  Until then, Krak had only been known locally for his outstanding craftsmanship, but not for his monster slaying skills. He told The Daily Knowledge, “I used my brains rather than my strength. I worked out that the dragon was hungry, so I decided to give him a meal he wouldn’t forget”.  He is set to become a local hero!


A local Fisherman, who was on the river bank at the time, told The Daily Knowledge, “I was sitting calmly, by my fishing rods, when there was an almighty bang. It really made me jump! As I looked back there were chunks of dragon everywhere!” The local council are now beginning a massive clean up operation.


While it is true that Krak has always been a popular member of our society, it is now impossible to deny that the change in city name will ensure his heroic actions will be remembered for centuries to come.


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