Elderly Cat Discovered Dead (a newspaper report based on Varjak Paw)

It was reported yesterday that an elderly Mesopotamian blue, a very rare breed of cat, was found dead in the back garden of the Contessa’s house at around 9:00 pm. The Elder Paw’s body was badly wounded and it has been suggested that the fatal injuries were the result of a fight – most likely with another cat.

The deceased is part of the Paw family of cats, which has resided at the Contessa’s luxurious house ever since Jalal Paw climbed over the wall many years ago. It is believed that no member of the Paw family has ever attempted to leave the Contessa’s house; the family have enjoyed the luxurious lifestyle of their grand home – safe from any predators or dangers.

However, yesterday afternoon – just hours before the Elder Paw was found dead – there was an argument between the Elder Paw and his nephew. As a result of the dispute, it is understood that the Elder Paw lost his place as the family’s leader. Consequently, the Cat Police have questioned members of the family to determine whether a physical fight may have followed.

Julius Paw, who is the great nephew of the Elder Paw, provided the following statement: “Nah, it wasn’t nothing to do with us. There’s no way he’d have been stupid enough to take me on. He chickened out when my dad squared up to him and look how strong I am. I’ve got muscles on my muscles!” Other members of the Paw family confirmed that they had not witnessed a fight.

However, they did reveal that another member of the family disappeared on the evening of the attack (Varjak, the youngest of the Paws). “He’s gone. My baby’s gone! One minute he was talking nonsense about two black cats being in the house; two hours later the Elder Paw’s dead as a dodo and little Varjak’s nowhere to be seen,” Varjak’s mother told reporters.

Although there is no solid evidence, the Cat Police are believed to be looking into the possibility that two black cats were at the Contessa’s house yesterday evening and had something to do with the Elder Paw’s unfortunate ending. Another possibility is that young Varjak Paw had something to do with his great uncle’s death. Could his disappearance be connected? A sign of his guilt perhaps? While the case is being investigated, all cats are being advised to keep themselves safe. If you see an amber-eyed Mesopotamian blue – or a pair of black cats – contact the Cat Police immediately.

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