Super hero origins of school supers

We were coming back from school when we were unexpectedly transported to a secret room down the corridors where we learned about a secret room with incredible weapons down each chute and weapons unlike any other.we thought they were just normal weapons but when we got them on we were super heroes! How it got us super heroes:Rory:the chute I went down contained a metal stick? When I picked it up I poked it at something seeing how strong it was but after I did a circle of fizzy yellow light was coming up at my feet and I became the electro charged ELECTROVISOR! Aidan:he went down another chute he found a metal chestplate. He put it on to see the armour was expending and he became the indestructible LASER BREAKER! Morgan:Just found a costume with a metal sword (no cape) which made him agile (still no name). Kaiden:he found ANOTHER chute which had a sort of pair of boots and gloves so,when he had them on,just like Aidan his pair of armoured clothing extended into a suit with a helmet with eyes and a mouth that moved just as he did,he became the extremely electronic KATRON! (No space for more heroes)

Yum yum menu!!!!

Today’s menu is …
Sushie🍣              Make your own pizza🍕         Burger with chips🍔🍟
Hot dog with chips🌭🍟  Taco🌮

the enchanted forest

In the  bright little  abandond forest , where small faries like to fly from tree to tree. The sun shone through the light leaves . Whilst the darker trees hid from the sun , faries decorated their small homes in the trees, the logs and bushes.

stormy wether

the storm  is crashing and smashing

The dreadful thunder⚡️

One early night a dreadful thunder storm began its treathues doings.Bang!Crack!The storm blew a tree!”Wow!”😱😮 “I’m make the sky Ebony!”The storm roared.🦁 To 💀 to 💀 Houled the storm 🌪 Flooding the night skyline.

the storm

The menacing birds screeched as they flew to seek shelter.The huge city lit up because of the lightning striking the city.The misty clouds took up the threatening sky.The lightning struck everything in sight..

The lightning strike. By Isaac

lightning struck the ground like a sord in the chest.

Max Tyler and Callum

We like football
We don’t like rain
We like pizza 🍕
We don’t like school or learning
We like rugby
We don’t like getting told off
We like phone 📱 and iPad
We don’t like reading
We like girlfriends 😍
We don’t like homework
We like chips 🍟
We don’t like writing
We like dogs 🐶
We don’t like cats 🐱
We like crisps and chocolate 🍫
We don’t like

Scary weather by Lilly and Flossie

Poisonous tentacles of light stung the sky like a man at war.The wind was howling like a pack of wolves howling 🐆🐺.As the reins of  light infected the sky and the sky was no longer to be seen. As the night took over day, the breeze tore the clouds apart into black shadow. The ominous lighting started to burst down and crashed in the sea.Lightning started to take over the sea.The rain poured down like shards of glass tearing someone’s face. That was the last thing I remember…

crash boom

The lightning rose down from the misty clouds like it was taking over.It was amazing colours like purple yellow blue and pink It was so beautiful.The noises went crash boom.It was a little bit scary but so cool. It was like the boss of the sky.

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